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“I am most grateful to have used Mindy as my lawyer in a difficult case involving a business, investment properties, child custody issues etc. Opposing council convinced my ex that she should get the moon, inciting what could have been a very amicable case into a year long struggle. The only way to get this settled was to win on the motions filed against me, including my ex having to pay her own legal fees. Mindy was incredibly well prepared, insightful, as well as verbally skillful. She then negotiated a very fair settlement that we both could live with. I had interviewed a number of 'high powered' attorneys that competed regularly against opposing council. They estimated my divorce costing between $90-$110k, 10% of my net worth. That wasn't acceptable. I am so grateful for finding Mindy, and got divorce for a small fraction of that cost. She outperformed her competition at every turn. I would highly recommend Mindy, and wish all lawyers were like her.”  - Rick


“Other than serious illness or death, divorce is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a family. Through the yearlong process of briefs, court appearances and difficult back and forth, Mindy provided the calm guiding hand that was desperately needed. 
She was responsive when she needed to be on legal issues as well as responsive on personal issues. She blends the expertise of law and psychology to great effect. Last but not least, the outcome was one we had set as an objective and accomplished to the benefit of both parties.” – Jack


“Melinda (Mindy) was recommended to me by a family member who has worked in a law-firm for over 30 years. From our first consultation, I felt very comfortable with Mindy and appreciated her personal interest and attention in my case. Compared with other attorneys I interviewed, she had a balance of knowledge, sympathy, honesty, and drive that I appreciated. Throughout my difficult and emotional divorce, Mindy kept me well informed (including me in all correspondence with courts and opposing attorneys), listened to and addressed all of my concerns and ideas, and worked diligently as a straight-forward case became complicated. Her dedication to working in my best interest in all aspects from her fees to my settlement goals was consistently apparent, even when she was forced to present me with news/information I was not happy to hear. My case lasted nine months and I was happy to have Mindy with me the entire way. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in the same delicate and complicated situation I encountered. Though she is still fairly young, she works hard for her clients and has the ability and resources to make clients comfortable in a difficult process.” 

-  Justin


“Divorce is not an easy time. Knowing concerns will be competently addressed is not only reassuring, it's essential. With consummate professionalism Ms. Markvan assisted me through these proceedings. She was accessible and responsive by email and phone. On court day, her presence and legal acumen ensured my position was secure and well represented. Her proficient drive is coupled with personal warmth towards clients. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone faced with the challenges of legal breakup or arbitration.”

- Marc





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